Speaking Dutch course

Speaking Dutch course - workshops in Rotterdam

Improve your Dutch speaking skills

Are you learning Dutch and find the pronunciation difficult? Do you frequently notice that people struggle to understand you? Or do you have problems understanding native speakers? If so, we'd like to invite you to join our speaking Dutch workshops.

Contents of speaking Dutch course -3 workshops in Rotterdam

In these comprehensive workshops speaking Dutch, we provide clear and simple guidelines for pronunciation. You'll learn how to pronounce vowels in different words, where the accent is, depending on the word structure and what words are stuck together in Dutch and why. We practise this through both practical assignments and dialogue.

Each workshop has a central theme. For example, sounds, accents or the pronunciation of phrases. You have troubles with the pronunciation of vowels and other sounds, sign up for the workshop 'Dutch sounds and how to pronounce'. After this workshop you can attend the workshop 'Word and phrase accent'. Do you find it difficult to pronounce or understand a fluent sentence, our recommendation would be, the workshop 'Putting words together'.

We work with small groups of up to 8 people. This allows the teacher to give everyone personalised and individual attention. You can follow the three workshops as a course, but it's also possible to follow them separately.

Starting date of the speaking Dutch workshops in Rotterdam:

Workshop: 'Putting words together and making fluent sentences'  B1.1 and higher                                Saturday, April 15 ,  2:00-4:15pm, Price € 45,- including hand outs.

Workshop: 'Word and phrase accent'  A2.2 and higher                                                                              Saturday, February 10 ,  2:00-4:15pm, Price € 45,- including hand outs.

Workshop: 'Dutch sounds and how to pronounce'  A1+                                                                              Saturday, March 27, 2:00-4:15pm, Price € 45,- including hand outs.

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