Improve your Dutch speaking skills

Dutch pronunciation workshop - A2+ and higher

Do you find speaking particularly difficult? Not just forming sentences, but pronouncing words and saying whole sentences? Then this is the workshop for you! This workshop is specifically aimed at those who would like some more speaking practice before moving on to a higher level, or whose oral skills are currently insufficient. Pronunciation will be the main focus. Various topics will be discussed using different working methods. We will especially pay attention to correct the pronunciation of Dutch sounds and will practise word stress and sentence intonation.
The workshop will improve your speaking skills, pronunciation and ability to make yourself understood.

Several times a year we organize the workshop 'Dutch pronunciation'.

  • Pronouncing words
  • Dutch sounds
  • Word stress
  • Sentence intonation

Starting date of the workshop in Rotterdam:

Saturday, October 14,  2:30-5:00pm, Price € 49,50 including hand outs.

Group size:     a maximum of 6 students

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