General conditions

General conditions

a. Registration can be done by filling in the form send in an attachment by e-mail.
b. For group courses the minimum admission age is 18 years and a minimum BA educational level or Gymnasium. Participants of Beginners Courses should have knowledge of English.
c. For advanced group courses there is an intake procedure for students who developed their proficiency elsewhere.
d. For the individual programs, beginner and advanced, students are invited for an interview at the office or in company is also possible.

2. Homework
Course participants are required to spend about 2 hours per week on their homework.

Placement in a group course is effected after receiving payment. In the event of a third party (employer) a signed company confirmation will sustain. If the number of applicants exceed the number of available places, participants will be placed in order of date of payment.

In the event of a course cancellation, Baay DLC will inform the participants as soon as possible and no later than 3 days before the planned course date by e-mail or in writing. Course fees will be fully reimbursed. Reasons for cancellation of group courses can be insufficient student applications or prolonged illness of a teacher and the unavailability of a replacement.

Cancellation of a course by a student 14 days before the start of a course, will be fully reimbursed. Later cancellations before starting date will be reimbursed for
60%. Cancellation is to be done by e-mail or post and date of receipt will be considered the notification date.

5.Missed Lessons
For missed group lessons Baay DLC has no obligation for financial or any other form of compensation, like for instance: no suspension to another course or catch up missed lessons in another group.

For individual programs a time table will be made and in principle the same terms will be held as with participants for group programs with the exception of timely notified cancellations of lessons. A timely notification is 24 hours in advance. The participant is entitled to move to a maximum of three training dates and times up to 4 weeks after the original agreed date for free.

7. Complaints policy and procedure
In situations that an occurrence, with direct bearing to the aims and practices of Baay DLC, these general terms are incomplete, an appeal in writing or e-mail can be made to the managing director of Baay DLC, Mascha Baaij, or +31(0)6 198 707 86. The institute will deal with the appeal in all fairness and reasonableness. However, if a complaint cannot be resolved by her, the complainant may inform our independent mediator, Mr R. Penning. The mediator can be reached at this mail address: All complaints will be dealt with confidentially by the mediator. The mediator will consider the evidence in strict confidence and within a period of 28 working days he will give an absolute judgment, of which the consequences will be promptly settled by the institute.